Thursday, January 15, 2015

Mockingbirds to Bluebirds to Native Plants

There was a flock of bluebirds this morning trying to feed on the berries on the Winterberry bushes. They were quickly chased away by a very territorial Mockingbird.

I was curious if this was a common problem and found that indeed it is, as described on the site:
Beautiful Wildlife Garden. 

The article is titled, "Mockingbird: Melodious but Mean": 

The searching unexpectedly led me to this 
amazing helpful and informative site connected to the above mentioned website about native plants:

It includes listings of nurseries that carry native plants, recommended books, where one can view native plants locally, and even native plant organizations.

I was surprised to learn that some nurseries in PA, that specialize in native plants, are actually right in my area, including:

Gino's Nursery in Wrightstown (


Collins Nursery located in Glenside (

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