Monday, August 3, 2015

Million Pollinator Garden Challenge!

While creating a presentation on using native plants to attract native pollinators, I found this interesting challenge on creating over a million gardens to attract pollinators. It's inspiring and fun.
By registering your garden, you can also be included on the S.h.a.r.e. map.

Here are some of the photos I included from my garden:

Educating and inspiring others to make more spaces in their yards for pollinator friendly gardens, especially using native trees, shrubs, and flowering plants, will provide the much needed support pollinators need to survive, thrive and flourish. 

Here are some excellent websites and books for more information on how to create pollinator friendly gardens and the how and whys of using native plants:

       Bowman’s Hill:
       PA Native Plant Society:
       Pollinator Partnership:
       Xerces Society:
       Find Native Plants:
       Bringing Nature Home, D. Tallamy
       Pollinators of Native Plants, H. Holm
       Attracting Native Pollinators, Xerces Society
       Native Alternatives to Invasive Plants, Brooklyn Botanic Garden Guide

Clicking on the link here or using the icon on this sites' sidebar, will bring you to the site: