Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hot, and Dry bring Horseflies!

The horseflies this year have been notably numerous, 
perhaps because of the mild winter and hot and dry conditions. 

I see them everywhere - in limbs of trees, 
hanging on the window grooming,

or buzzing at my head when swimming and aiming to take a chunk out of my arm.

The females of these true flies can inflict a rather painful and quick bite with their razor sharp mandibles and are in need of a blood meal in order to reproduce. 

On a more positive note, 
they are also play a role in pollination as they also feed on nectar and pollen. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Breakfast with a Heron

Out of the corner of my eye, 
there was a flurry of movement
and I turned just in time to see
 a Great Blue Heron 
descend gently into the back yard. 

The blue ball in the pool must have captured his attention. 

He stayed for a few minutes to investigate. 
My dashing for the photo probably scared him away.