Friday, January 30, 2015

In Hot Pursuit!

It has been a very active rutting season this year, starting in early November. On a rainy, dreary, cold day, we caught sight of a large buck in pursuit of a doe, that lasted over an hour.

What was remarkable is that the doe actually hid from him in the meadow. 

As the buck was rampaging around, she ran to the meadow and ducked down. After he had slowly searched for her in the meadow, walking right by her, he eventually gave up and left. 

She then raised up very slowly and carefully looked around. 

When she felt she was in the clear, she then slowly walked away, looking attentively all around her the entire way.

Also, surprising, was that a young buck suddenly emerged from the meadow shortly after she left, running away from all the action.  Clearly, he was steering clear of the dominate male, too. 

The next morning the dominate male had settled down and had paired with a female, 
who was eating nearby.

Although the photos are not sharp, as I was shooting through tinted windows, I still wanted to share these interesting observations of deer interactions and behavior. 

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