Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sugar Woes!

In between nectar flows bees are fed sugar water, heavy or light, depending on the time of year. For our 2 hives we use 5 lbs a week. When purchasing sugar recently I noticed that the bag seemed lighter – and IT WAS! Not 5 lbs but 4 lbs and for the same price!! That is a 20% price increase for a beekeeper and also something to take note of when preparing the sugar water mixtures. It takes 10 cups of water to 5 lbs and only 8 cups to 4 lbs when making a light sugar water used during the warm months! Most shoppers might not notice this but this is something for beekeepers to buzz about.


  1. consumers lose as usual! we wonder whether anyone else has noticed this?

  2. I didn't know that bees had a sweet tooth! I wonder if they like chocolate too. Maybe I have more in common with bees than I thought!!! :-)