Monday, September 20, 2010

Goldenrod is all the buzz!

The golden rod is blooming and the nectar is flowing, despite the 4+ weeks of drought we have been experiencing. The hive we gathered over 100 lbs of honey from is weakening with the queen laying irregularly and several frames are empty. We rotated the emptier hive box to the top. There was concern of disease with a few brownish larvae but thanks to Brian Marcy he determined the hive is fine and just needs to be re-queened. We continue to administer Tetra-Bee Mix from Dadant to be safe. Both hives are creating honey at a good pace in preparation for the winter.


  1. Your new meadow picture and bee on golden rod picture are beautiful!

  2. Take note: next year we will have a "Goldenrod Zoo" walk at Bowman's Hill.

  3. The Goldenrod looks beautiful. Is Goldenrod bad for allergies?