Sunday, November 15, 2009

More Crow Adventures

Early in the summer we were awakened daily by a sharp knocking at the window. Not being farmers and rising with the sun, these rude awakenings were not much appreciated. Our windows are tinted and a young crow seemed to be either fighting with his Doppelgänger or trying to beg for food from this cold reflection. He went from window to window. It wasn’t just mornings either, sometimes he would arrive in the middle of the day. He would peck away until he either became tired, bored or scared away by a clap or bark, then rejoin his flock of crow friends who watched from afar and then fly away until the next day. Initially our cats were greatly amused but they too tired of these daily antics. It was difficult to capture him on film, as I think he might have also been spying on us. After many failed attempts, I finally had to crawl on the floor to the window to take this photo. After several months of tolerating this and convincing the family not to kill him, he simply didn’t show up one morning. I missed him but spotted him and his friends later flying by above the tree tops. Perhaps he finally grew up.

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