Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fox is Back

I was busy working and looked up in time to witness a fox trotting into the side yard. In just the last few weeks, I have seen him more regularly walking on the edge of the meadow in the middle of the day. He walks with purpose, looks thin and has a scrawny red tail rather than the bushy one from spring. He is circling around, suddenly pounces and is eating something vigorously, perhaps a mouse or mole. Off he goes back around the bend already. Hopefully with the next sighting he will be wearing his full winter coat and look more robust. Note: This awesome shot was found online and the URL can be determined by simply clicking on it.


  1. Cool picture! He does look a bit scrawny! Are wolves of this type dangerous to humans?


  2. He is only a fox and he is not dangerous, but a good predator to have to keep rodent populations in check.