Thursday, July 20, 2017

Robin's Second Brood

It was late May, when I first noticed the robin darting back and forth by the window to the holly tree. After watching more closely, I noticed a nest. 

It was a bit high to reach easily and I just made note of it.

Some weeks have passed and I see again, that the robin is still hanging around, 
now at the viburnum bush, just 20 feet from the first nest over the fence.

I peek through it's branches and discover, that indeed, there is another robin's nest.
I grab a ladder to get a better look, as it's only 5 feet off the ground this time. 

I catch the mother straining her neck to see what I'm doing, as she digs around for worms in the mulch nearby. 

 I pull the branch towards me and 
there, there is the baby. 
Just one, flattened deep into the nest, 
with just one tiny eye watching me. 

I wait a long while for the mother to return, 

and there she is, with a big wormy meal for the baby. She wrinkles up her head feathers, 
not pleased to see me still watching.  

I retreat, satisfied with some good shots to share.

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