Friday, July 1, 2016

Early July Garden Report

Despite the late cold temperatures this spring, 
along with the frosts, then wet, now dry, 

the garden is doing well:

The lettuces have bolted and flowered and now lay composting, making room for green beans: heirloom Kentucky Wonder Bush (matures in 57 days) and Contender Stringless Beans (40 days). 

Earlier planted beans are flowering beautifully:

The zucchini and squash are prolific with numerous fruits growing right before my eyes:

The edamame is a new addition to the garden this year and growing 
nicely along with fuzzy pods. 

They are soybeans and harvested usually 35-40 days after flowering. 
They can be boiled or steamed and then salted for a healthy treat. 
They are quite tasty as soon as harvested, 
but can be refrigerated up to 3 days.

The July 4 Tomatoes have tomatoes, 

as promised!

But what I'm most excited about are the peas. 

Although we've had some quite hot days, but cool nights, 

the peas are producing!

Peas, peas, peas! 

I love how they are silhouetted in their pea pods:

They are delicious and I can't help but keep eating them 
as I pick them, 
delicately warm and crunchy.

Peas can be stored unshelled and unwashed in the refrigerator for several days. Fresh peas can be blanched in boiling water for 1-2 minutes and then frozen up to 6 months.

Happy Gardening 
and may we continue to be showered with rain, 
keeping a drought at bay.

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  1. The garden looks so exciting! Can't wait to taste all the goodies!