Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Positive Monarch Fall Migration Update!

I have been keeping a close eye out for monarchs all summer. There has definitely been an uptick of adult monarchs passing through in the past 2 weeks here in Doylestown and also down at 
Cape May, NJ with fall migration having officially started. 
I never spotted any eggs or larvae on our milkweed.


I was curious what others were seeing. I visited Journey North's migration maps and found this:

According to Journey North, as of September 4th, over 13 roosts, with one having as many as 500 individual butterflies, have been observed. There had been only 2 reported at this time last year. There are many more adults being seen on the move and Dr. Chip Taylor of Monarch Watch predicts the population to be twice as large as last year.

Join the party 
and report your sightings 
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