Friday, July 26, 2013

Dove Love, Part 1

We have always have an abundance of mourning doves year round. This spring, a pair chose to nest in a large spruce bush near our home. The nest is located only 4 feet off the ground, which makes for easy viewing.

The nest building attracted my attention, with both male and female working together - the male bringing the plant material and twigs and the female putting them into place.

The male is leaving and the female is down in the bush, building the nest.

Off he goes. 

Nest building is presumably exhausting and here is the male resting after making many trips.

The nest is a very frail small platform comprised of twigs and straw that 2 off-white inch long eggs balance upon. For a couple of weeks, the male and female take turns at the nest, with her cooing mornings for him to come and take over. 

Here he is, relaxing in a nearby oak tree:

Finally, 2 little babies were born. The mom perches on them for a week or so to keep them warm and perhaps to keep them from falling off the nest.  

Here is the baby pair a couple of weeks later. 

And, then slowly exploring just barely beyond the nest

and even further - hello new world.

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  1. Beautiful baby bird pictures from a growing family!