Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March Madness

During the March 8th snowstorm,

little over a year later, (see Feb 9, 2012 entry)
rather than Cedar Waxwings hunkering down in the Green Hawthorne, 
there were 8 Mourning Doves taking shelter.

After the storm, the following weekend, temperatures climbed into the 50s 
making it a great time to check in on our hives. 

We had lost 1 of the 3 hives to 4 large mice, 
and sadly they moved on over to the next hive. 

Here is one escaping! The frames were destroyed and were discarded.

Clearly, the blue tape was not strong enough to keep the mice guard in place and 
successfully keep the mice out. 

Our final hive though is doing great. The queen is laying and they have plenty of honey to hopefully make it through the tricky month of March.

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