Thursday, April 26, 2012

Xerces "Bring Back the Pollinators" Campaign

The Xerces Society has created this interesting and thoughtful campaign to bring awareness to pollinators.

Visit their website:

Here are some details:

Take the Pledge to Protect Bees

Bring Back the Pollinators is based on four principles: grow pollinator-friendly flowers, provide nest sites, avoid pesticides, and spread the word. With these core values, pollinator conservation can be adapted to any location, whether you tend an urban community garden or a suburban yard, work in a city park or on a farm. Bring Back the Pollinators has already spread from coast to coast thanks to Rapid Refill. Now we are asking you to join in this campaign.

We make the commitment to you that we will work every day to protect pollinators and their habitat. Will you make a similar commitment to the pollinators? Will you sign the pledge?

  • Grow a variety of pollinator-friendly flowers that bloom from spring through fall.
  • Protect and provide bee nests and caterpillar host plants.
  • Avoid using pesticides, especially insecticides.
  • Talk to my neighbors about the importance of pollinators and their habitat.

When you have signed the pledge, you may purchase and install our new pollinator habitat sign in your front yard, community garden, farm, or wherever you are to show your support for pollinators.

Together, we can bring back the pollinators!

Here are just a few things that Xerces is already doing to protect bees:

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